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Consistent with our mission to be the best resource for languages and cultures, Culture for Kids offers interesting articles, fact sheets, guidelines, and activities for parents and educators.

World Facts -- For brief facts about 267 countries, we recommend the CIA World Factbook as the most famous online resource of maps, flags and comprehensive collection of information. It is updated annually. (

Multicultural Holidays -- Not sure when the Chinese New Year is? No problem, check out our multicultural calendar.

Chinese zodiac -- What is your Chinese Zodiac signs? Click here to learn more.

Should your child be bilingual? Check out our Parents' Corner on how to approach it.

Are you looking for materials for your school or library? Then, visit our Teachers' Corner for information on how to place an order.

Some of the languages offered in materials available from Culture For Kids:

According to the latest 2000 Census, Spanish and Chinese make up two of the most spoken lanuages at home after English!

  • Arabic - Used throughout the Middle East and countries with large Muslim populations
  • Bengali - the language of Bangladesh, also widely spoken in Calcutta, India
  • Cantonese - Chinese spoken in Guangdong province
  • Farsi - the language of Iran
  • Filipino - the national language of the Philippines since 1987 and based on Tagalog with some English and Spanish
  • Hmong - (pronounced Mong) The language of the Hmong people from Laos, Vietnam, & Thailand
  • Ilokano - One of the major languages of the Philippines
  • Khmer - the language of Cambodia
  • Mandarin Chinese -Chinese spoken in most of Mainland China, Taiwan, & Singapore
  • Tagalog - One of the major languages of the Philippines spoken in and around Manila
  • Hindi - Official language of India with many dialects
  • Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Urdu - Some of the many other languages spoken in India
  • Somali - Spoken in Somalia
  • Serbo-Croatian - Spoken by those in some areas of former Yugoslavia

    Facts about Chinese:

  • Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese use the same characters.
  • Traditional Chinese characters - used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea and many other Asian countries
  • Simplified Chinese characters - used in Mainland China, Singapore & Malaysia
  • Pinyin (Hanyu Pinyin) - Romanization of Chinese used in mainland China
  • Zhuyin (Bopomofo) - phonetic symbols used for Mandarin Chinese used in Taiwan

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