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Sing 'n Learn Vietnamese Audio CD only (Vietnamese)
Author: Selina Yoon & Hop Thi Nguyen
Illustrator: Hop Thi Nguyen & Dong Nguyen
Country/Culture: Vietnam
Language: Vietnamese
Type of Product: Audio CD
Item Number: VL6003W
Retail Price: $11.95
ISBN Number:
Description: Introduce Vietnamese language and culture the fun and natural way! With 14 traditional and familiar melodies, children will enjoy learning basic vocabulary and pronunciation through popular themes such as numbers, family, animals, colors, and more. You can provide an important head start for children as learning another language has proven to stimulate greater mental development. Seperately sold book includes authentic black and white illustrations that promote understanding of culture and enhance learning. Includes pronunciation guide, English-Vietnamese glossary, and instructional guides. For all ages. Paperback book. 8.5" x 11." 24 pp. Audiotape includes fun sing-alongs that make learning enjoyable.
Songs include:
1. Yellow Butterfly (Kia Con Buom Vang)
2. Welcoming Spring (Xuan Ca)
3. We Count Our Steps to School (Em Dem Buoc Den Truong)
4. Who Do you Love (Em Yeu Ai)
5. This is the Way We.. (Em Rua Cai Mat)
6. If You are Happy and You Know It... (Neu Ban Vui)
7. The Cat who Climbed the Betel Tree (Con Meo Cay Cau)
8. Mr Toad (Con Coc)
9. Our House (Cai Nha)
10. Mr. Cuoi (Chu Cuoi)
11. Moon Festival ( Ruoc Den Thang Tam)
12. I See Myself in the Mirror (Em Ngam Minh Trong Guong )
13. Come Together ( Nao Ve Day)
14. Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star (Ngoi Sao Be Ti)

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