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Nature: Pandas
Author: Bruce Reitherman, Nigel Cole
Language: English
Type of Product: DVD
Item Number: AV535W
Retail Price: $19.99
ISBN Number: 1568559984
Description: See the world's favorite bears - in the wild and in captivity! Program 1: Pandas of the Sleeping Dragon With its furry white head, black-ringed eyes, and look of perpetual amusement, the great panda bear has lumbered into the hearts of people around the world. Unfortunately, this endangered creature may be making its last stand in habitats like the bamboo forest in China's "Mountains of the Sleeping Dragon." NATURE's George Page leads you through this misty and exotic land, catching the panda in its most frequent activity; foraging for, and crunching on, bamboo shoots. China has named these gentle animals a national treasure, and this intimate and charming close-up shows you why.

Program 2: The Panda Baby The San Diego Zoo faced a bear of a challenge: becoming the first place outside China to sucessfully breed and raise a panda in captivity. Would the zoo be able to gain the full cooperation of panda experts at China's Wolong Conservation Center? And what would it do about its potential father bear - an older panda with little interest in procreation? Actor Matthew Modine tells a fascinating, cross-cultural, inter-species story that offers dramatic twists and turns as well as surprising insights into panda mating, reproduction, and "child care." In bringing up baby, the zoo raises hopes and fears for the future of all endangered species.
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