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My Brown Eyes DVD Special K-12 School & Public Library
Country/Culture: Korean American
Language: English
Type of Product: DVD
Item Number: V2168W
Retail Price: $60.00
ISBN Number: 1888194553
Description: My Brown Eyes is a beautiful and poignant story of immigrant life as told from the point of view of a child. We are introduced to a ten-year-old boy who rises early and prepares for his first day of school in America. Clever & resourceful, he makes breakfast for his exhausted working immigrant parents who work long hours until the wee hours of morning and packs his own lunch. The resourceful boy, however, is unprepared for the challenge that awaits him at school. The boy becomes withdrawn and silent at school: children laugh at the boy's name and they make fun of the lunch he has prepared.
"This valuable little gem of a film can be used not only as a tool in the classroom but to help professionals develop a critical eye for understanding what students experience in school and what schools, in turn, must do to help these children." -- D. Wei , School District of Philadelphia.

What critics are saying about My Brown Eyes
"The brilliance of My Brown Eyes is in its pithiness... it moves viewers with just a few lines ... immense emotions are captured in simple, often silent gestures."
The international examiner, Soyon Im
"Deeply moving ... accomplishing more in 17 minutes than many first time directors do at feature length."
The video includes noncommercial public performance rights and discussion guide. Drama. 19 min. copyright 2004. Includes public viewing rights for libraries, schools and organizations.
Price: $125 for Universities, Colleges, Corporations and Government Agencies
$60 for K-12 Schools and public libraries includes noncommercial public performance rights and discussion guide. Download Facilitator's Guide(MS WORD)
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