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Pajaro Verde/the Green Bird (English/Spanish)
Author: Joe Hayes
Illustrator: Antonio Castro (Illustrator)
Country/Culture: Mexico
Language: English, Spanish
Type of Product: Hardcover Book
Item Number: AL115W
Retail Price: $16.95
ISBN Number: 0938317652
Description: This dream-like story of an enchanted princeócaught by a spell in the body of a green birdóbegins with the introduction of nine curious sisters. Each has a different number of eyes, beginning with the oldest, who has nine, down to the youngest, with just one. The green bird proposes marriage to Mirabel, the two-eyed sister. Though her siblings mock her and her mother forbids it, Mirabel's steadfast vision sees past the bird to a handsome prince, and she marries him! One by one, the envious mother dispatches her other daughters to the green bird's palace to spy on who he really is. They are overcome with the beauty of their sister's palace, and by the power of a sleeping potion the prince has provided to Mirabel. Only the littlest sister stays awake long enough to see the green bird sing in each window of the palace and then enter and change into a prince. Her discovery prompts the mother to set a cruel trap; Pajaro Verde is forced to leave on a long journey to sickness and oblivion. But Mirabel's love seeks him out, even in the house of the sun and the moon, and in the end restores to him his marriage and his kingdom. 2002, 40pp, 8 x 10. Ages 6-10.
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